About me…

A 20 something, living life to the max, trying to become a Doctor  IS a DOCTOR while all my friends earn far too much money, get engaged and start a family…

I am a current Graduate Entry Medical Student in London having come from a completely non-academic, non science background. 

Prior to medicine I did a degree in a subject called Disaster Management – Yes it is a real degree and essentially its about managing disasters.

I was never a big fan of school and I can spell numerous words with the grades I left school with and really didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in, so I started a degree in disaster management as it sounded interesting and wasn’t academically a heavy degree! I had an amazing time and I loved every second on my degree.


Throughout my degree I worked in various disaster management positions including in a field hospital over in Haiti in which I was fixing medical equipment (I studied electronics in school) and that’s where I got really interested in medicine and decided I would look at it as a career. I never ever thought with my background and complete lack of academics (1 letter off being able to spell ABBA(‘s) BBAD FUD(G)E with the GCSE and A levels I left with) I would ever get the chance to study medicine.

It took a year plus of research while I was still working in various jobs in disaster management internationally and retail/supply teaching/dog walking/etc in the UK and I applied twice and finally got a place the second time I applied.


So welcome to what is the rollercoaster of my life as a medical student, Londoner and a normal human being trying to pass exams one at a time!


So welcome to my blog


5 thoughts on “About me…

  1. I love this blog so much! I am a psychology student in 2nd year and my A-levels were not scientific at all but as of late I find myself seriously considering Graduate Entry Medicine. I think I always felt that I wasn’t smart enough or serious enough to do a degree like medicine but now that I’m not 16 anymore I think I might just be able to handle it. I have noticed the things in Psychology that I am most passionate about are those concerning the human body, brain and science! It is a scary thought to entertain because of the stress and workload but it’s exciting as well! Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

  2. Your blog is great…your thoughts are inspiring. Thank you. I’ve just received results from my GAMSAT test, which unfortunately were not as good as I wanted. I’ll be resisting in march and applying as a graduate for the second time next year- hopefully more prepared than ever before!

  3. Hi, I loved reading your previous posts. It has boosted my hope for keep walking on those roads which can let me in to the medical school.
    Just one quick question how did you maintained your motivation during the application process? Did you appeared for GAMSAT or UKCAT? Would you mind sharing in brief on your journey to the medical school.

    Thank you so much!

    God bless you!

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