About me…

A 20 something, living life to the max, trying to become a Doctor while all my friends earn far too much money, get engaged and start a family…

I am a current Graduate Entry Medical Student in London having come from a completely non-academic, non science background. 

Yes that is my skeleton

Yes that is my skeleton

Prior to medicine I did a degree in a subject called Disaster Management – Yes it is a real degree and essentially its about managing disasters.

I was never a big fan of school and I can spell numerous words with the grades I left school with and really didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in, so I started a degree in disaster management as it sounded interesting and wasn’t academically a heavy degree! I had an amazing time and I loved every second on my degree.


Throughout my degree I worked in various disaster management positions including in a field hospital over in Haiti in which I was fixing medical equipment (I studied electronics in school) and that’s where I got really interested in medicine and decided I would look at it as a career. I never ever thought with my background and complete lack of academics (1 letter off being able to spell ABBA(‘s) BBAD FUD(G)E with the GCSE and A levels I left with) I would ever get the chance to study medicine.

It took a year plus of research while I was still working in various jobs in disaster management internationally and retail/supply teaching/dog walking/etc in the UK and I applied twice and finally got a place the second time I applied.


So welcome to what is the rollercoaster of my life as a medical student, Londoner and a normal human being trying to pass exams one at a time!

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So welcome to my blog