Lesson of the year – Don’t drink and sign up for a marathon

ggggggggggggooooooooooodddddd mmmooooorrrrrnnnniiiinnnnnggg

Shit sorry its been so long again, I started writing a post and then LIFE just happened… So much life has happened so again I apologise (or lets just say quality over quantity.. yeah?).

i am human

BUT a lot has happened so, a quick run down since MAY!

I PASSED ‘4th year’ (well my 3rd year of medical school) AND I did well!

The OSCE was a mild disaster as it took me 2 minutes to realise that I was in an ALS (advance life support station) and I let the person essentially die for 3 minutes while I was looking for a Pulse Oximeter, why you ask? I have NO IDEA. I’m sure I heard the examiner laugh as i mutters ‘Well Fuck’ when i realised that the patient was actually DEAD and i was meant to be doing chest compressions!


So exams – Tick… Next, oh my elective! 

You maybe waiting for me to tell you about my exotic island hopping experience in the pacific islands or my life saving missions in Africa. But sadly not… Instead i went to the local DGH for 8 weeks to do A&E and pre-hospital medicine #poorpeopleproblems

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 18.38.15.png

I had many reasons for staying in the UK but mainly that:

  1. I am so so poor and needed to work throughout the summer
  2. Apparently the moment you hit your mid-20’s all your friends decide to get married! (3 weddings over the summer!!!! THREE)
  3. I actually know a lot of the people in the A&E and therefore had an AMAZING time
  4. I’ve worked and travelled abroad a lot before, so for me this wasn’t a one time opportunity
Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 20.41.56

I did see something similar…

Most people would turn their noses up to staying local, but i had an amazing time! I averaged about 3 days a week and got to do so much stuff including: suturing, becoming a boss at cannulas, histories, trauma calls, cardiac arrests.

Post-elective I went on a 2 week road trip in America and used all the money i earn over the summer that was ‘profit’


So… Post elective and onto FINAL YEAR. 

So final year kicked off with an interesting note… My wonderful arse-hole of the friend entered me into the London Marathon Ballot. For those of you who don’t know the ballot is essentially a lottery, you put your name in and wait.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 18.46.20.png

My Dad called me one night and told me I had a place in the marathon… I thought he was calling to tell me I had a speeding ticket but quite frankly I don’t know what’s worse. The night only got more interesting…

So, after finding out about my marathon place and being in complete denial about the fact that I may have to actually do some running for the first time in 6 months, I got dumped… So as a slightly pissed off upset person and having an amazing housemate of a best friend. We got shit faced… Like sit in your living room drinking 2 bottles of red and half a bottle of rum shit faced. 


This lead to at 3am signing up and paying for my place in the marathon, which was recorded on snap chat and is my only recollection of the entire night… apart from waking up spooning with my housemate. 


Safe to say the next morning waking up with one of the worst hangovers of my life, single and running a marathon was a bit of a shock to the system.

are you kidding me

So its now X-mas after 8 weeks of GP where I was independently seeing patients which ranged from: tearful mothers, acutely unwell mental health patients, adorable babies and children, a septic toddler, a man with a broken penis (yup), A guy who was stoned and thought he had found a third testicle, man-flu and an army of mothers wanting antibiotics for a runny nose.


I really enjoyed it but very much think GP life isn’t for me right now, I’ve very much got the A&E/Trauma & Ortho bug.

The last few weeks have been alcohol filled to say the least. I did the medics Xmas show (and 2 other shows and just a lot of drinking with friends) this year which was one of the most fun weeks I’ve had at medical school. Slightly disgracing myself on the Wednesday night and having to walk to placement with an incredible hangover… What made it worse was a women sound down her car window and said to me 

“Love, you look like you need these right now” 


Wonderful… I looked that bad, not hangover bad, but existential crisis bad

So goals for 2017: 

  1. PASS Medical school and actually become a Doctor (as set out in this blog nearly 4 years ago!)
  2. ‘Run’ the London Marathon and not die 
  3. Carrying on bossing life and having as much fun as I can 
  4. Attempt the world of dating 
  5. Try and a bit of an adult (apparently it’s all the rage amongst my friends – Marriage, babies, buying houses, paying off their student debt)




4 thoughts on “Lesson of the year – Don’t drink and sign up for a marathon

  1. Great to see your post after long time. Your silent admirer this side. Can I know what kind of job you did over the summer?

    Love your spirit being a Medical Student.

  2. Hiii, Merry Christmas🌲
    I am an avid reader of your posts. Being a first year medical student, can I make a small request to write a post on being efficient learner in Medical school and how did you stayed on top of the course work?!

    Many thanks in advance and Wish you a great 2017.


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