Hello… Is it me you’re looking for?: I’m back, 4th year, rectal exams and ‘working’

ggggggggggooooooooooooooodddddddddd mmmmmoooooorrrrrnnnniiiiiinnnngggg


This year has been so so busy and so much fun. I thought I’d go back to where I left off…

i am human

EXAMS, so last year I had exams and actually I did well… Yes, you’re probably as shocked as I am. I actually came in the top 8% of my year of 400! From the girl with a C in GCSE Chemistry. So i was ecstatic, it’s so nice to see that a bit of work pays off!

celebrate .gif

So going back to my 3rd of the 4 years (otherwise known as 4th year in the general cohort). My first 11 weeks consisted of A&E, Anaesthetics and orthopaedics. My favourite rotation of the year… 

I think my friend got the best A&E story by mishearing the registrar who said to do a back exam on a patient with back pain but convinced her and consented for a ‘back passage’ aka a RECTAL exam. A&E has literally been my favourite place ever… Apart from the drunk who touched my bum.


Anaesthetics was great, i spent it cannulating (most of the time), failing to cannulate in front of the super hot anaesthetist who was out firm head. I just crumbled every time she looked at me… I reverted to being a teenager. But i tell you she was SO hot.


ahhh McSteamy my old friend

Orthopaedics was good, I liked the attitude of there is a broken bone, let me fix it! Pretty much all i know about orthopaedics. but i got to use POWER TOOLS, yes my inner dyke got super excited when presented with a drill and screw driver. I may have got too excited and stood there plotting my tool belt…



I spent the entirety of Christmas working in my job in Urgent Care (got to love the lack of student finance) Where I got called impotent by a patient, to which my response was “I think you mean incompetent, but that’s another issue”
As you can imagine that went down rrreeeeaaaalllllllllllyyyy well… I do enjoy my job, I have some great friends there, that makes working at 8am on a sunday bearable.


From my first term to January, I produced a musical. Which was probably one of the most memorable things I’ve done. It was so much fun, I spent far too much money drinking strongbow and black (after promising my 21 year old self to never drink the stuff again).
wine iv
Which one night lead to me ‘chundering’ approximately 6 times into the canal to then drag myself into uni only to have a SURPRISE mock OSCE, personally i think of many other surprises I’d rather have. The headache, the nausea and my lack of colour in my face made me look ill, Thankfully the anaesthetists didn’t think i had a hangover on a tuesday morning and thought I had a cold.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 19.59.01.png

I’m shocked none if them smelt the strongbow leaking through my pores.

SECOND ROTATION – Obstetrics and Gynaecology 
So yeah… vaginas and babies. Some would say I’d enjoy this rotation and do really well. I did enjoy some of it, assisting in a delivery possibly one of the coolest events ever. Broodiness set in hugely!

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 20.02.07

Broodiness was then crushed when I babysat for a 2 year old in full on ‘tantrum mode’ for 4 hoursFOUR HOURS

I think the highlight of this rotation was being with women when she was in labour and giving birth. You spend up to and over 12 hours with them, so by the end of it you know their life story. A young girl I was with in labour all but chucked her mother out, who kept looking at her daughters vagina saying “I did this to push you out, don’t you dare swear at me”, safe to say when it began resembling a Jeremy Kyle episode the mother got sent out.
Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 19.49.15

I also did more musical theatre AND went to Sweden, yes i know this term it seems like I’ve skived a lot and had more fun than done any actual work, which is partially correct…

ladyand the tramp

During this rotation I began to run as well. Yes that’s right RUN. From the girl kicked out PE, Chief officer of the ‘I don’t run unless I’m being chased club’, ran a 5k in 38 minutes in a race called run for chocolate. It felt great, and yes i am still ‘running’ or a better work of slow jogging away… Even if my calves are on fire 99% of the time.


THIRD ROTATION: Paediatrics, Geriatrics and Dermatology

Final rotation, we got the pleasure of having no easter holiday, so instead I took a few days out and went to Wales with the bae, which was awesome. I must say I do like paediatrics, i LOVED paediatrics A&E. There seems to be a theme with me enjoying A&E, working in urgent care etc. I’m yet to sample the delight that is geriatric psychiatry, ever since my psych rotation I’ve not wanted to step foot in the psych wards again, but hey ho!

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 21.53.58

So here I am in Cornwall on my paediatrics rotation sitting on a friday night cuddling a dog. That is a short view into my year, obviously i am going to try post more often now and post about some of my stories from this past year.

Lauren Clarke Dog picture

I think the main things from this past year have been: 

  • I can’t tolerate alcohol as much, hangovers hurt ALOT more than last year
  • I’m having a lot of fun… almost too much fun at times
  • I can run!
  • Enjoy London while its here (and I’m not carted off the Scotland)
  • Time flies and I am shit scared to be a final year
  • I know NOTHING 










1 thought on “Hello… Is it me you’re looking for?: I’m back, 4th year, rectal exams and ‘working’

  1. I’m currently in the process of applying to medicine as a graduate for the first time, sitting my UKCAT for the second, and I just came across your blog again after reading it back when I was beginning my undergraduate degree when you were just starting your course. Always enjoy your posts and it’s fab to hear how much you love the course! It’s such good motivation for me starting off as we speak. Best of luck for fifth year!
    (also I 100% relate the Grey’s gifs and I’ve not even started yet…)

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