The head bones connected to: A. The neck bone, B. The arm bone or C. The Leg bone… Exams, attending “church” and trying not to lose my sanity

Goooooodddddddd mmmmmooooorrrrrnnnnnniiinnnnggg

It is late May and I know I’ve been slacking off but this month has well and truly been a whole different type of insanity…

Slow news day much?

Slow news day much?

I’ve been studying… No literally that is all I’ve been doing with my life the past month! I very much hit that stage of burn out where you start making up words
Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 11.56.25

Except these words I was making up very easily sounded like bits of anatomy I was meant to know, which to be honest isn’t great the week before the exam. But the first written exams were as vile as they could have been, they easily made the past papers look like a GCSE in media studies…
Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 20.05.06However, I do suppose it was a bit wishful thinking to think one of the questions would be;

Is the head bone attached to:
A. The neck bone
B. The leg bone
C. The arm bone

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 21.38.32

We have these wonderful exams in medical school called OSCE’s – don’t ask me what it stands for! But they are essentially practical exams where you do things like take a patient history, take a blood pressure, perform CPR etc… Sounds simple enough ey? But you do 16 of them in one sitting.

All of these patients are actors and when you’re nervous having to do 16 of these stations, it’s very easy to make some basic mistakes…

It was just a mistake.... I swear

It was just a mistake…. I swear

Such as forgetting your own name

And yes that is exactly what I did, I went to introduce myself to the patient and then called myself a boy’s name (FYI I have lady parts fo those who don’t know). And I’m pretty sure the actor spent a good few minutes looking for my non-existent adams apple!

idiotI couldn’t even correct myself! I would looked even worse… Pretty sure I’ll be one of those stories lecturers tell next year before the exam “Just remember kids, know your own name, and gender… It’s not like you’ve had it for years!”

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 14.16.46
But you know oh well onwards and upwards and it’s been a                  bank holiday!



And yes It is Tuesday and I am suffering with a hangover that has accumulated over 4 days of drinkingI believe the phrase “hanging like a bitch” is very suitable for the feeling I’m currently sporting. My alcohol tolerance has gone so so far down it’s unreal
wine iv
Me and some friends went to this day time club/fancy dress/awesome thing on sunday called “The Church”

It was fantastic! apart from the moment when I told my mother I was going to church on sunday, she was about to call an intervention…

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 20.18.56

That holy water burns like a mother trucker

But you know all that drinking comes at a price… Checking my bank balance this morning gave me palpitations 
money I spent this weekend: £150  £174
Amount of units drank: God knows
Told off for crab dancing as a big group down borough high street: Priceless

But all that aside… There is a new season of orange is the new black out next week! There goes 2 days of productive-ness and 2 days of wishing I was Alex Vause’s prison wife…
Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 14.17.39
My next exam is in July… So until next timeScreen shot 2014-05-09 at 11.23.05