“No I’ve not been kicked out of medical school, It was a facebook rape… NO I haven’t been raped, my facebook was…”

gggggooooooooooooooddddd mmmoooorrrrnnnnnniiiinnnnngggg

Christmas is nearly here!!! And in 42B we are getting into the spirit…

It's mazing what avoidance tactics are used when faced with neurology

It’s amazing what avoidance tactics are used when faced with neurology

But Christmas being nearly here is also a sign of some other not so pleasant things…. Exams…

The stress eating has started

murder and food

The Greggs around the corner from my house is a dangerous place… You know it’s getting bad when the lady in there knows all the local students by the appearance of just complete exhaustion and the lack of personal hygiene

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 22.36.02

There comes a point where the only social activity outside the house is going for a quick beer or to Tesco to buy more carbs… And even then the guilt sets in and all of a sudden your brain fires a question like…

What’s your 4th cranial nerve?????

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 11.56.25

It’s horrible… The only way to suppress it is by drinking!

During one of these outings into the general public I was facebook raped… Otherwise known as fraped, by a wonderful friend of mine…

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 21.00.01

My phone had 10% battery and leaving it on the table to go to the toilet was a mistake on my part because I came back and within 10 minutes of sitting down I had 6 messages and 4 texts asking if it was true…

I’m not sure what’s worse… The fact that people believe that I would get kicked out or that I’d be a STRIPPER in East London…

story of my life

If anything I’d be a high class escort


I’ve also got myself in a fair few awkward encounters recently, which has involved me making up over 5 excuses to not get naked with someone… Or show them my preparation run of leguary during movember


I also did karaoke… In the hospital’s bar… Singing Call me maybe… And made it home in time to sleep for 5 hours before dragging my clearly hung over arse into work

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 23.01.07

I think I’m growing up a little, trying out being professional and using some self-control so I don’t make so much of a complete fool of myself!

But that will be next time… Because I have an exam in approximately 24ish hours and a households worth of carbs to consume in this time…


But if I don’t manage to post anything before then

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