Dear Madam? Dear Stripper? Dear Stripper lady? – please delete my browser history…

Good morning campers

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With not much happening in my life these past few weeks, i think my IQ has dropped a good 30-50 points…

the reason behind this is the fact that I’ve watched enough extreme couponing, honey boo boo and made in Chelsea to make anyone’s brain implode I even heard myself say “Shuuuttt uppp” like i was from Essex…

I’m addicted to extreme couponing, this program essentially is full of women with OCD buying 250 packets of tampons just because they can for free – It makes me feel rather well adjusted when I hear some lady say:


“Couponing is like my version of crack, If I had to go to Rehab, I’d do a Lindsey Lohan and quit…” 

LOVE this show…
It takes me to a special place

But… you know you’ve reached that ultimate special place when you get excited that there is an episode of extreme couponing with honey boo-boo

I think my IQ just dropped 20 points...


However in other new’s, where it looks like I actually have a life….

I am currently organising my besties Hen do… I’ve had to research strippers, my google history is horrific, I’m seriously thinking of investing in one of these…

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I recently spent 45 minutes trying to work up the courage to email a stripper… I mean how do you start that email??
Dear Madam?
Dear stripper?
Dear *insert very obviously their stripper name here*?

I’m confused! I needed help… I may of asked a few people…I think I’m being judged by a few too many people now…

story of my life

story of my life

Did you know that Graduate medicine applicants is exactly 1 year old this month :O

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If this was a child it’d be crawling, drooling and being a pain in the ass.

To celebrate, I’ve been challenged by a lovely message off someone (who actually reads this) to do the 30 question challenge… I am neither 15 or an emo and my attention span is next to nothing so i will do the first 5…

So here it goes the 30 15 5 day (In about 15 mins) challenge… Woooo

1. Weird things you do when you’re alone.

Shit me… This could literally take up a whole blog post… SO I decided to consult some of my friends…

I love my friends

I love my friends

I think that really summarises it….

2. How have you changed in the past 2 years?

Oooh, this is a more serious one… I’ve ‘grown up’, as hard as that is to believe!
I’m doing what I want to do with my life
When I want to do it
I’m more confident 
And ultimately being who and what I am


3. What kind of person attracts you.

Confident, a little bit weird, some one who can put up with me and someone I can talk to for hours – such a girly response…
Oh and hot – you’ve got to be a bit shallow

Nigella.... Why must you tease me...

Nigella is back on the market! GET IN!

4. What you wear to bed.
Naked… Or because people in my house have this wonderful habit of letting themselves into my room at 8am (dad) I wear my scrubs or a large T-shirt…

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5. 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.
I’ll just pick the one sex to do…… Girls!!

– The need to ALL have to go to the toilet/bar/changing room at the same time… I’m female and still this bemuses me

– The need to follow the crowd and not be yourself – by this I mean everything from fashion, to music and attitude.

– Confidence!!! You are allowed confidence so please take it! Be individual not a sheep

– Being dependant on a boyfriend/man… I’m not a raving feminist, but seriously… The amount of friends that disappear as soon as they get a boyfriend – The sex better be REALLY good

– Duck pouts… Need I say more

Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 11.32.01

I’ve literally just got home from a hen do… I think I’m dying, that will be updated soon.

I don’t intend on moving ever again… Or drinking…

Who decided paintball was a good idea??

Who decided paintballing was a good idea??