Burn you bra’s ladies and let freedom ring: The Jobcenter, Medical school and my complete failure of a sex life

So… Lets get the main news out the way first…


I’m going to be a Doctor… That’s really scary.. Like they want me to look after people and be professional?!?!? and not play pretend or dress as a slutty Doctor 

Addison.... Need I say anymore

Addison…. Need I say anymore

So the interviews went alright, this is the shock because I said some rather… errrr… bad/interesting?? things??

My Favourite thing in my interview was talking about mass fatalities and the interviewer asked me: “How did you handle the dead bodies?”


Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 00.53.19

…eeerrrr Carefully?”

Luckily that was satisfactory because I GOT A PLACE THERE!!! I was in shock and had to get 5 people to check if it was true… So I am on the 4 year graduate entry course!!! ahhhh


Being back in the UK I am so so so so so so BORED…

I spent the vast majority of the day not wearing a bra and I haven’t shaved my legs in 2.5 weeks… I’m not a burn you bra let freedom ring feminist I’m just unemployed..

Let freedom ring...

Ladies let them fly… Mine might knock a few people out!

So… on the scale of Kate middleton to chewbacca (On public presentable-ness) I’m about a 5 leaning towards a 6 at the moment…

Sorry Chewwie

Sorry Chewwie

Being unemployed sucks…  I am bored, skint, restless, idle and I had to face the scary scary place that is the job center plus the other day… It really was a dear diary moment…

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 23.15.42

But at least my Adviser is HHHOOOOTTTT, like really hot… (Where is my incentive to get a job!)

Nigella.... Why must you tease me...

Nigella…. Why must you tease me…

BUT to actually get the money from the tax payerBearing in mind I am calling this a refund due to being raped by the Taxman in my last job (As a student!!) – I have to apply to 3 jobs a week…

This is actually my application... How many fucks do I give?

This is actually my application… How many fucks do I give? (P.s. excuse the dead bodies book in the top corner)

I’m actually waiting for my CRB to come back to start a real job in the next few weeks, but in the mean time I have to do that kind of crap/’Professional development’ above to satisfy the job center.

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 02.53.27

Those applications above I actually sent to Next… It wasn’t my application form that didn’t get me any further it was a frikin questionnaire on customer service!!! 

I don’t know what is more depressing: the fact that I am on call on valentines day OR that I have a degree/got into medical school and have 5 years of retail experience but i fail a MULTIPLE CHOICE customer service test…

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 01.31.38


Lent… that time of year when you try to give something up, personally I call it the second wave of new years resolutions…My little cousin showed me a list of things that she could give up for lent (things like hitting people, chocolate, cake etc) I need to do the same… ANY suggestions??? 39 days left…

Until next time…

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 00.33.05

(Maybe that’s what I need to give up for lent…..)

2 thoughts on “Burn you bra’s ladies and let freedom ring: The Jobcenter, Medical school and my complete failure of a sex life

  1. Hi I only came across your blog recently and wanted to congratulate you on getting into med school! What was your degree in?
    Enjoy the freedom until uni starts lol Us med students always seem to be wishing for a break…hols always seem full of revision rather than any time to actually relax! Then summer disappears too quickly and your back to wishing for a break again :s or maybe that’s just me?! x

    • Hi,
      Thank you! I’m still in bits of shock that I actually got in!
      My degree was in Disaster Management previously, I’m so used to working or travelling this down time is dragging now I have something to look forwards too!But ask me again this time next year and it might be a different story haha
      What year are you in? how are you finding it? x

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