Burn you bra’s ladies and let freedom ring: The Jobcenter, Medical school and my complete failure of a sex life

So… Lets get the main news out the way first…


I’m going to be a Doctor… That’s really scary.. Like they want me to look after people and be professional?!?!? and not play pretend or dress as a slutty Doctor 

Addison.... Need I say anymore

Addison…. Need I say anymore

So the interviews went alright, this is the shock because I said some rather… errrr… bad/interesting?? things??

My Favourite thing in my interview was talking about mass fatalities and the interviewer asked me: “How did you handle the dead bodies?”


Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 00.53.19

…eeerrrr Carefully?”

Luckily that was satisfactory because I GOT A PLACE THERE!!! I was in shock and had to get 5 people to check if it was true… So I am on the 4 year graduate entry course!!! ahhhh


Being back in the UK I am so so so so so so BORED…

I spent the vast majority of the day not wearing a bra and I haven’t shaved my legs in 2.5 weeks… I’m not a burn you bra let freedom ring feminist I’m just unemployed..

Let freedom ring...

Ladies let them fly… Mine might knock a few people out!

So… on the scale of Kate middleton to chewbacca (On public presentable-ness) I’m about a 5 leaning towards a 6 at the moment…

Sorry Chewwie

Sorry Chewwie

Being unemployed sucks…  I am bored, skint, restless, idle and I had to face the scary scary place that is the job center plus the other day… It really was a dear diary moment…

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 23.15.42

But at least my Adviser is HHHOOOOTTTT, like really hot… (Where is my incentive to get a job!)

Nigella.... Why must you tease me...

Nigella…. Why must you tease me…

BUT to actually get the money from the tax payerBearing in mind I am calling this a refund due to being raped by the Taxman in my last job (As a student!!) – I have to apply to 3 jobs a week…

This is actually my application... How many fucks do I give?

This is actually my application… How many fucks do I give? (P.s. excuse the dead bodies book in the top corner)

I’m actually waiting for my CRB to come back to start a real job in the next few weeks, but in the mean time I have to do that kind of crap/’Professional development’ above to satisfy the job center.

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 02.53.27

Those applications above I actually sent to Next… It wasn’t my application form that didn’t get me any further it was a frikin questionnaire on customer service!!! 

I don’t know what is more depressing: the fact that I am on call on valentines day OR that I have a degree/got into medical school and have 5 years of retail experience but i fail a MULTIPLE CHOICE customer service test…

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 01.31.38


Lent… that time of year when you try to give something up, personally I call it the second wave of new years resolutions…My little cousin showed me a list of things that she could give up for lent (things like hitting people, chocolate, cake etc) I need to do the same… ANY suggestions??? 39 days left…

Until next time…

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 00.33.05

(Maybe that’s what I need to give up for lent…..)