New Year, New you, F*&K it….The diet will start in 2014…

New Year… New You…

AAGGHHHH I hate HATE New years resolutions… Every year I make 1 or 2 or 10… Then within a month I break the 1 or 2 or 10 I make…

A run down of 2012:

1. Get fitter (On everyone’s list) – Not run a marathon fit, but able to run one lap of the park without feeling like an asthmatic geriatric… Apparently to achieve this horizontal running doesn’t count

2. Go a year without a trip to A&E… This one I kept! I am very clumsy and accident prone, but this one (apart for work) I have not been a PATIENT in A&E as for the spazzy hand that’s different

3. Get a more Adult Job… Not in the ‘adult industry’ but a more adult job, TICK!

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 17.32.41

4. Stop the slow descent into spinsterhood… I’m in my early 20’s, I can’t be a spinster yet… According to COSMO I should be in my sexual prime… But no I have to cope with: stalkers, re-runs of greys anatomy, the company of Christian Grey, some batteries and a wild imagination.

Thats me...

Creepy cat at the front… I’m not even a big cat person.. Ok maybe a little

5. Stop hitting on: Minors (once or twice), complete weirdo’s (MANY), People who play fantasy war games, people in relationships/married, people who you don’t know what sex they are before ‘diving in’, narcissists, animals, clearly very unavailable people and the French….. So this will be carrying on to 2013 as well

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 21.10.53

6. Get into medical school…. In progress

7. Grow a pair (Or for all you feminists/’gender studies’ out there a Va-jay-jay Sorry I failed Gender studies)… I am a complete wimp in certain situations, I hate conflict, unless I’ve been drinking I can’t approach someone I have a crush on

So maybe my Grandma winking is a bit weird

So maybe the  winking is a bit weird….

8. Actually give a crap about Politics… Because I really don’t. I think on behalf of the majority of the female sex I’d like to say I’d vote for Antonio Banderas in a thong over half of the politicians (Cough 9 grand a year fees…Wankers)

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 16.40.36

Re looking at my list I’ve not done too bad to be honest… Apart from number 5 (1 and 3 since I’m now (F)UNemployed) there has been steady progress.

Here it is: Graduatemedicineapplicant’s New years resolution list

1. Don’t Mess up the 3 interviews I have… DONE!!!! SEE THE NEXT BLOG POST EXCITING SHIT HAS HAPPENED!!!! (when it is published)

2. Stop getting stalkers… Seriously I attract the weirdest bunch of stalkers, I lowered my standards on numerous occasions but there is a point where it’s too much… At this moment I even have one and creepy McCreeperson ahhh…

3. Learn to flirt…. I can’t flirt… I’ve tried, i really have but I just can’t… I think it’s one of the contributing factors to my spinsterhood

you flirting: You look sexy tonight

Me flirting: You look like a carrot tonight… I like carrots… They are orange

4. Drinking… Cut back on the drinking… Stop being a handsey drunk… Stop having horrendous hangovers… Just stop drinking soo much, I think I need a month off alcohol!

5. Learn to cook properly… BY properly I mean without packets and ready made sauces, without using the microwave!!! Or calling my Mum…

my diet in a nutshell


So… with my new years resolutions made I am putting betting odd out there for you guys:

2:1 – I break a resolution in the year

3:1 – I break one in a month 

5:1 – By the end of January I will have already done something highly inappropriate…

12:1 – I actually get fit and learn to cook


Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 00.39.26