Cambodia, UCAS and Women flu…. A week in the life of me ill and bored


I am now in the land of Cambodia… the land of horrendous traffic, pig snout soup and no public transport… My boss has sent me here for 4 weeks to work on a large project and also maybe the fact that I do not have a Thai visa anymore, shit.

I also have (wo)man flu… Take man flu and multiply it by a bazzilion and that is women flu, I am dying a death with sukodufed… not sudofed, please post me Tea bags.

On the bright side my UCAS application has finally been sent off…. WHOOOP and thank God for that… it’s 2 weeks early! Get in there… Now to wait for an eternity.

Since there is not much to do in the area I am living in at the moment I have had a few days to ponder what I did on my friday night in Bangkok…. It wasn’t pretty.

Deciding to have a competition with a friend on who can pull/get the most numbers on Khao San Road wasn’t our finest idea. Realistically it should be a night of Ego-Boosting, in someway it was… But now I have had over a week to reflect on this, I am MORTIFIED of my actions! Reading the drunk imessages I sent to my best friend aswell isn’t helping my bruised ego now that I am sober… I even sent the below photo of the hat i stole…

Pure classyDon’t judge me

However, the wonderful thing about being drunk, handsey and confident is that when you are hitting on someone there is 2 possibilities; they are flirting with you or you think they are flirting with you (either one is good, they both do exactly the same thing to your ego)

However, for this competition I was 4-2 up as of last week, now at 4-3 after the most disastrous night of my life. I failed on 3!! THREE attempts! I had even straightened my hair and shaved my legs….

I am not dwelling on the past (much) so I have 3 more weeks to bring back my A game untill battle commences again.

So, now I am in Cambodia, it’s quiet as there isn’t the same influx of ex-pats here. I don’t know anyone and there isn’t the same community as there is in Bangkok so I have had a lot of time to think, wander and see things.

It is a truly beautiful place, the temples and palace is amazing… Apart from being asked if i want a tuk tuk or moto every 30 seconds, the 23rd person that asked me in a 15 minute period did get a loud “NO!” and somehow that stopped the rest of them asking. BUT, sods law was when i needed one I couldn’t get one.

And to top it off its flooding…. Badly… This is the next street over from me and Fiona riding her bike.

There is not much to report from here, apart from watching 2 season of How I met Your Mother… I Love Robin in it! I have walked a lot and therefore have noticed certain things that has now contributed to my Traveller-DarLike a Gaydar but for travellers.

You see wandering around Asia, travellers have a certain look about them, and NOT just because they aren’t Asian, there seems to be a dress code that is NEVER followed when you are in your home town… Certain Items I have seen EVERYWHERE this weekend.

Fanny packs: Need I say more….

Politics/poverty/international relations books and discussion: I work in this area, this is my job… However, people who don’t even vote normally will have deep conversations about philosophy, politics, poverty and such… In this small bookshop these 2 girls were talking about something political and the face I got off them when I proudly placed my copy of Fifty Shades Darker (2nd hand and VERY worn) on the counter was priceless!

Full mountain gear when you are in an urban city: Bangkok isn’t like walking up Everest, it’s pretty flat to be honest, so why the need to wear mountain hiking gear?

LAD’s in their matching T-shirts: Clunge patrol, LAD’s on tour… Dear god please no. It is kinda funny, but when you have Vag inspector on their back don’t be surprised if people cross the road.

I’m not saying these are thing you need to avoid doing when travelling but this weekend just gone they were EVERYWHERE!

The best piece of Advice I have been given while travelling is the following:Treat every City as if it was your own.” It is completely true. Not all but MOST cities are no more dangerous than if you were in London on a friday night… Fair enough in Asia being a tall female, blonde and blue eyes I may stick out a bit more. But common sense goes a long way!

on a final note… Is it me or is Justin Beiber looking more and more like a lesbian each day…. It took me 2 minutes to be convinced that it was him.

See you guys on the otherside of this WOman flu… If i make it that is

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