dignity 0 – Sangsom bucket cocktail 1

Doing your personal statement? Want to cry? want to kill someone over it?

Just do what I managed to do all weekend: Lose the last remaining shread of my dignity and forget completely about it!

After a pretty chilled week at work where I pretty much did nothing… well i did a fair amount of work with a HEAVY amount of procrastination… youtube i hate you but watching lost girl and greys anatomy was time well spent!

But the personal statement killed me off… Finally finishing the 4000 characters I was celebrating my success, its taken weeks to get it under that, so being proud I send it off to a few people… This is when the shit hit the fan.

I got it back with 5 times as much red on it than black (AKA my own writing), so my mood was dampened, tail between my legs… what I thought was the best thing ever was now a heap of red writing with the words: “Your (not you’re) Grammar is shit!” written at the bottom – Ok may of deserved that a little bit my grammar is shocking!

But still, tail between my legs I sulk out of work and end up on the infamous Khao San Road… Think the Hangover 2, it’s where it was filmed and then night began.

With a deflated ego, my hair finally straight and wearing the jeans that make my ass look great I had a new wave of confidence Ok the Sangsom buckets were a definate help there! (If you dont know what one is google image it!) And there was a lot of willing prey to be found. I do appreciate the human form and yes I am a complete perv, i accept this… It was like being part of a 12 step program, except I don’t go any further than admitting I actually have a problem.

But the downside is; give me a few to drink and I’m the handsey drunk who will hit on anything with a pulse, literally ANYTHING (proud of me yet mother?) 

On the plus side I cannot dance at all, I can only Twat dance… Lets define this:

Twat Dancing: Normally the phenominon by white males and occasionally females, who are so uncoordinated they only dance when drunk, the dancing however takes the form of not giving a crap and dancing like a twat!

So I’m kinda drunk, dancing and this guy (who then later turned out to be a solicitor and the bastard didn’t even buy me a drink!) decides the best way to ‘pull’ is to rub himself on my leg. Here’s a tip guys: Not the best Idea… Kind of repulsive to be honest, even worse when you whisper ‘Don’t touch it or it’ll blow’ and then kiss me and physically bite my lip…

I think someone had been reading this too much…

But this happened with 4 people, including a crazy as in bat shit stalking crazy Thai chick/ladyboy (Not the erection rubbing obviously – well was hard to tell)… Who then spent the night trying to grab me, on the plus side with my ego inflated i strut out the club with a spring in my step, my karma has been restored!

So to sum up the last few days I now have: 2 stalkers, 3 new phone numbers, a bitten lip and a shit personal statement… I hope this will contribute to the characteristic of ‘resilient’ in my medicine applicantion.

So please send me some embarrasing stories otherwise I feel like my family might just begin to disown me slightly…

Now my job gets interesting, more news will be upsoon which involved me flying 30000 miles in a space of 2 months!

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