there is not enough tea in the world to cure my hangover…. progress is made!


Just on the last leg of my working week after spending the weekend in Phuket with my family who came to visit. it was amazing (see the photo of paradise below, i took!) snorkelling, quad biking, diving, sun and a lot of sun burn… 


Since they have left I have caught up with some friends spending the last 4 nights drinking until about 1am… so the hangover is getting progressively worse throughout the week and my office doesn’t have the gift of PG tips or Twinning tea but really shitty 1 bhat tea, so suffering is an understatement! BUT it won’t stop me going out again tonight! I love bangkok!

Back to the medical school application… so 1 month until i need to have sent it off (15th October) and my personal statement is FINALLY under 4000 characters. The issue is i am not happy with it as i have had to remove so much stuff from it including my NHS experience in emergency planning and response to fit other more important stuff in… So this is the tip for the personal statement.. get as many people to read it from different backgrounds, I’ve so far got 3 Doctors i worked with reading it, a few nurses, friends, a teacher and an admissions tutor, so get it out there! I’m waiting to find out what they think firstly, but also what they believe can be left out. Some aspects of it I am very proud but other i feel i have just had to put them in to tick a few boxes rather than showcase who I am. 

My next project… I worked in Nepal back in June of this year and was involved in the training and implementation of an EEG telemedicine project which i loved! So now I am in collaboration to possibly go to Haiti to spend some time doing the same with a Canadian Doc. Had the first few emails through today so I’m happy as larry to a possible reunion with some friends out there nearly 3 years after I first landed there. 

So i’ve procrastinated long enough at work and I have a very long boring report to finish writing for this afternoon… the joy! I’ve been watching a lot of youtube vlogs at the moment and would love to be good at making that stuff… 


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