Finally decided to get this up and running properly!

So… I sat my UKCAT last week in Bangkok, after a hellish journey to the test centre, where we suffered a power cut halfway through I sat my exam with 2 other kids; both european who go to school here.

Last year I got a score of 690 Average which is good but not good enough for most GEP courses I can apply too who was 700+

So my score was…… drum roll………. 765!!!! Soo happy!

And here are some questions I have received about my score:

What was your breakdown?

Verbal Reasoning: 680

Quantitative Reasoning: 900

Abstract Reasoning: 740

Decision analysis: 740

Overall VERY VERY happy and completely shocked at the QR section!

Sadly had to go to work after it and couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day… SUCKS!


6 thoughts on “UKCAT….. DONE!

  1. Hi, I got a a very low score on my ukcat (640 avg).. Very suprised as I think I prepped well. Anywaaaay, is there a chance of me on graduate entry med? And if so, which unis are the best? Im also considering applying for the 5 year undergrad course (providing they accept grads). Which unis are the best for this? Thanks

    • HI,
      If you apply strategically there is a possibility have a read of my guide to graduate entry medicine and on thre I’ve written my hints and tips!
      A lot of 5 year courses accept grads but a lot of them had A levels and degree requirements but have a look at some (I didn’t apply to any due to financial constraints), just start researching online for each medical school!

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