4193 characters and its driving me insane…

This week I have been working at a conference with the Thai Government, I have done a fair bit of teaching and lecturing on emergency response, which involved stressing them out with a simulated exercise – very funny to watch – and doing an hour and a half of speaking… When I was asked to do this I was like I’m 21, just finished my Bsc are you sure? as everyone else has PhD’s but apparently im the only one in the office with experience and the ability to teach… so very happy! The added good point was that I have had a lot of spare time at this conference to write my personal statement..

It started off with 8000 characters and now it’s down to 4193 and it is literally back to the bare bones… I really don’t know what else to take out now, I haven’t even included NHS work experience yet – which isn’t that important/impressive compared to the rest of my experience.. 193 characters is an awkward amount so deleting a lot of words that are descriptive, but not has made my statement sound less exciting/readable… Ahh well, the next step is sending it off to numerous people for them to destroy it, I tend to send it to a wide range of people including: Family, Friends, collegues, careers advisor form university (He is AMAZING!), my lecturer and a few Doctor/Nurses… overall i send it to 10+ people wait for their feedback and then regroup and decide what stays/go’s/gets added in. I really should just campaign that grads get more characters!!

Having worked full time throughout my summers before university, first year and most of my second year of my degree and now I believe it is vital for people to understand what working actually means… I work 50-70 hour weeks at the moment in my job, It is soo tiring some days but i still go out and drink too much/get in too late. My average I’ve worked out this week is 5 hours sleep a night (Completely my fault!) but it’s fine at the moment, However, I know so many kids who are at university/left who have never had a job ever! their CV is blank and they wonder why they can’t get employment… It’s good for people to interact with adults who are senior and learn basic social skills that are vital!

Have a good one!

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Personal statement hell…. Back to school for others…

Today I have properly started my personal statement… it’s not going well to say the least.

I took some advice from when i did my personal statement back in 2008 for my first degree and listed everything that I have done that is relevant to studying medicine and why I want to.. It’s too long:

So far I have: 3 Deployments to Haiti in a field hospital and working on a WASH/health project etc (a lot I can put in here), Implementing an EEG clinic in Nepal training docs and nurses/running outreach clinics and Training in the UK from Neurophysiologists, my current job in Thailand with the asian disaster centre and working on public health/emergency response projects, 3.5 years + with the british red cross working in emergency response, Lecturing at Medlink, my awards in A level electronics for designing an ECG Machine and a Pulse ox, Scouting for over 10 years, many (i think about 8-10ish) weeks of generic shadowing docs in the UK and USA (that one was staying with a doc i worked with haiti in and got to watch surgery for a week and be poked my medical students as a dummie), extra curricular activities and my last degree and what I did during that…

So.. to say the least I have my work cut out if i want to include that into 4000 characters, so all you school age people writing theres and saying they are over 4000 characters because of too much stuff, write mine please? anybody?

What isn’t helping is that I work a full time+ job, I have a lot of work to do outside of work as well including speaking at a conference next week that is stressful enough without the added pressure of it being the Thai Government who are a HUGE donor and I am the youngest by a good 10 years speaking there… I never say no to a challenge though 😉

Just looking at the date today I realise it is back to school soon and everyone has had their results, some worse than others… However my message is: 

I got shit AS results and decided to do a different route, in all honesty if you have below B’s at AS it is hard to make it up to an A in A2 if you want to have a life outside of school. I had a great time out of school and I do not regret it in anyway. So if you want to do Biology, English, hell even media studies after school for a bit… DO IT! You can get into medicine at a later time, you will be doing it as a career for a long time remember and it’s not all glitz and glam!

Any questions on anything feel free to get in contact 🙂




Finally decided to get this up and running properly!

So… I sat my UKCAT last week in Bangkok, after a hellish journey to the test centre, where we suffered a power cut halfway through I sat my exam with 2 other kids; both european who go to school here.

Last year I got a score of 690 Average which is good but not good enough for most GEP courses I can apply too who was 700+

So my score was…… drum roll………. 765!!!! Soo happy!

And here are some questions I have received about my score:

What was your breakdown?

Verbal Reasoning: 680

Quantitative Reasoning: 900

Abstract Reasoning: 740

Decision analysis: 740

Overall VERY VERY happy and completely shocked at the QR section!

Sadly had to go to work after it and couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day… SUCKS!